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Hotel Washington exterior design pre function bookshelf theme room conference table setup with pink flowers on table a plate of food with an orange colored sauce two women enjoying brunch classroom style board room King suite bathroom and closet area Modern and illuminated hotel room Hotel guest room with green couches and artsy bed frame a plate of food a person sitting in a chair reading a magazine french toast and waffle dishes on a table with berries a large room with a large table and chairs a cocktail with an orange bar with purple and pink lighting and seating areas a man looking out a window a large piece of meat with potatoes u shaped conference room around a tv Wedding ceremony ballroom with blue chairs and white tablecloths two cocktails with garnishes City view, lake view a large dining room with a large table set for a meal large conference room with tables, chairs, and projector screen Lounge and lobby area a plate of burrata, figs, and bread a room with tables and chairs and large windows looking at Monument a hand holding an orange cocktail board room with rows of tables and chairs french toast with berries and a yellow cocktail a board room with grey and black furniture a group of people in a room with lights chocolate cake with ice cream a hand a cocktail with a flower garnish a group of women smiling creme brulee with fruit a bowl of salad and a pink cocktail purple cocktail a woman eating food at a restaurant a plate of tuna and salad a group of women drinking cocktails two plates of food and a yellow cocktail ballroom set up for weddinf a person mixing a cocktail a couple of women eating at a table with washington monument in the back yellow cocktail on a counter classroom style conference room yellow cocktail with greenery on top orange cocktail with greenery in back